Why I source my ingredients locally

Forgive me, I might be showing my age, but can you remember when you bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer, fish from the fish monger, bread from the baker and meat from (guess where?) the butcher! I love this way of shopping: from the farm to the market, the boat to the quayside, the field to the table, Ideally all via the vineyard of course! I love it!

My family are real foodies and so it’s really important that we know where our ingredients come from and why this is a core value of Trudy’s Pies.

For years we had fun keeping beautiful Buff Orpington, Araucna and even some little Millefleurs chickens. Their eggs were so fresh, the yolks so yellow, the taste so delicious, they were amazing for baking. Free range eggs are one of the important ingredients in the shortcrust pastry I make for Trudy’s pies.

As a family we have always been involved in ‘local’. The best fun was working with Tony Fleck at Coombe Farm in Sutton Valence producing soft fruit and free range turkeys.  Many a farmers market I have frozen my socks off promoting turkeys!  Tony has now moved to Woolpack Corner Farm in Biddenden and creates a lovely caring environment.

My other half, Barry is a tour guide and conducts tutored wine tastings at Hush Heath Vineyard in Staplehurst. He’s lucky to spend his time promoting amazing wines from the estate … you can imagine how useful that is … but let me tell you anyway!  With my secret source, I can match wines to menus and dishes with ease. I have even used their Late Harvest Chardonnay in Trudy’s pies … how cool is that?

One of the secrets of Trudy’s Pies moist and succulent mincemeat are Kentish Bramley apples sourced from Bardsley Farm in Staplehurst. I’ve been getting my fruit from here for years and never been disappointed.

I believe it is so important we all support our local environment, workforce and economy.  It’s good for you, is good for me, in fact is good for for everyone!

Trudy xx

The story behind Trudy’s Pies


I’m Trudy and I live in the lovely market town of Tenterden in Kent.

I can’t remember when I first started baking and cooking but my mother was always in the kitchen, rustling up lots of gorgeousness for the whole family. Hot cross buns spring to mind as a particular favourite of mine, always bringing back childhood memories.

I love ALL things homemade, especially cake! I sometimes think I should be a coffee shop critic as I seek out places that provide genuine home made cake. My family say I’m a complete nightmare when it comes to coffee shops: the cake MUST be homemade for me. There’s nothing else like it and I won’t compromise!

Did I mention I also love Christmas, crafting and hosting? It’s all about the attention to detail and personal touches for me.

I’ve made hundreds of mince pies for family, friends and charity events over the years. It was Christmas 2018 when my family suggested I start up a business creating handmade pies and this is when Trudy’s Pies was born with my signature Christmas mince pies.  It’s really important to me that the pies are delicious from start to finish. I pride myself on the quality of the ingredients from the homemade mincemeat to the shortness of the pastry.

I’m really lucky to be able to combine so many of my passions within my business.  It’s not really work when you’re doing the things you love, is it?

Trudy  xx