Prices List

Large Mince Pies (6 per pack)      £7.00*

Mini Mince Pies (12 per pack)      £11.00*

Choc Wonders (12 per pack)      £7.20*

Mini Mince Frangipane Tarts (12 per pack)      £11.60*

* Pack price – minimum order 1 pack

Seriously delicious! hands down the best mince pies I’ve tasted. the craft, dedication and above all, love which has gone into these mince pies is a testimony to Trudy’s passion for baking. I don’t like Trudy’s mince pies….I love them…Jesús Miguel Rodríguez Uña - Leamington Spa

A Christmas isn’t Christmas without Trudy’s mince pies’ From MI6/MI5 – ’Trudy has the best trained mince spies in the security services, a well-kept secret’Victoria Heine

We have supplied Trudy’s Mince Pies to our customers as Christmas gifts for the last two years and they have been warmly received. So much so in fact that we have been asked this year when they are arriving!Colyn Allsopp - Falcon Oast Graphic Arts Ltd, Tenterden, Kent

Trudy Scrumptious – Taste in more ways than one!

Delicious pies handcrafted in Tenterden, Kent, all individually baked to order, for the discerning palate.

Trudy was born and raised in Kent, the Garden of England and has lived in Tenterden the ‘Jewel of the Weald’ a picturesque Kentish market town for the last seven years. With the fledglings now departed, Trudy is now ready for a new challenge and what could be better than pursuing her passion for pastry and her belief in baking?

Blessed with a hearty zest for life and heaps of energy, Trudy has always made time for her love of cooking and baking. Creating mouthwatering treats for her family and friends over the years, Trudy’s pies have remained an essential part of a traditional Christmas. 

These mini masterpieces are fashioned in her own kitchen, Trudy’s yummy pies are made with locally sourced ingredients, wherever possible, and packaged using only eco-friendly materials.

We are sure you will be delighted with the scrumptious taste of these traditionally crafted mince pies. They are filled with succulent fruit, nuts and spices, infused with brandy and encased in crumbly sweet shortcrust pastry topped off with a sprinkling of sugar – they taste as good as they look – truly scrumptious!

Trudy is pleased to introduce her traditional mince pies for Christmas 2018 and hopes to expand her range with other indulgent seasonal treats reflecting the produce from the Garden of England.

We hope you will soon relish the taste and share with us the passion for Trudy’s pies!

Tenterden, Kent, UK